Missouri Appeals First Amendment Case to the 8th Circuit

The state of Missouri has appealed the district court decision to the 8th Circuit.  Their first brief will be due September 18th unless an extension is granted.

(previous post) Missouri Alcohol Advertising Laws Struck Down After Trial

While on vacation I neglected to post this update on the Missouri Broadcaster lawsuit against certain advertising laws in Missouri.  After the 8th Circuit reversed and remanded for fact-finding, a Missouri district judge held a bench trial to examine these laws.

On June 29th, the court ruled against the state of Missouri and struck down certain advertising regulations relating to advertising sales below cost and mandated disclosure of the number of retailers. The opinion further stayed enforcement of the accompanying tied house law related to these rules.  His opinion can be found here.

The Court believed these laws impermissibly restricted commercial speech and the state did not prove in trial compelling reasons to save these laws.  There remain questions about how he reached this decision including citing to a 9th Circuit case that was later overruled.   It is unknown if there will be an appeal.

(Previous Post) 8th Circuit Reverses Win for Missouri on Alcohol Advertising

The 8th Circuit has ruled that a district court was wrong to grant a 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss brought by Missouri against a complaint by the Missouri Broadcasters Association. The District Court opinion is here.

The Missouri Broadcasters brought a challenge to three provisions of the Missouri alcohol code. The challenged provisions were laws that prohibit advertising by alcohol retailers of discounted prices outside their establishment, advertising of alcohol below costs, and a requirement that advertisements list all retailers rather than just one.

The 8th Circuit believed the district court erred in dismissing the case for failing to state a claim as it noted; “We hold the plaintiffs pled more than sufficient facts to state a claim plausible on its face.”

Moreover the court brushed aside the “commonsense link” arguments by the state and suggested the proffered defenses by the state to these laws failed to survive First Amendment scrutiny.

As the motion to dismiss is now overturned, the matter will return to district court and possibly be muted by legislative action now that the Missouri Legislature is in session.


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